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> more than zero is a series of pennies originally minted by the government of Canada, now minted as NFTs. These pennies are a coin so monetarily worthless Canada has ceased production. The more than zero project gives them a wholly new life and worth with digital currency.

Each NFT is unique; one-of-one photographs shot individually, by hand, at Peter Andrew Lusztyk's studio in Toronto. The photos are tied to the physical penny, which minters can obtain. At least one penny for every year of the mapleleaf design (George Kruger Gray), from 1937 to 2012. There is only one NFT from 1936, the last year before the iconic maple leaf.

Peter — Pennies are kind of funny in that they're only 'kind of money'. They are just barely more than zero. But I love them. There is nothing quite like finding a penny from your birth year. It feels like time travel, it makes you reflect on all the years you've spent on earth. Other years' pennies signify historic occassions, often with a potent wave of nostalgia.

Pennies are the first thing I began collecting. By virtue of the fact that they were almost worthless, my family would gift me a few here and there. Before long, I had started to form a collection. I was probably five years old. The first thing I ever collected now comes full circle with my first NFT collection launch.

I want this project to reflect something explorative into a new space of NFTs while retaining the artistic quality and characteristics my work has come to be known for. Limited run large-scale prints will be made available to NFT holders.


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> more than zero is the genesis collaborative NFT project from Peter Andrew Lusztyk and Steven Twigg.

We have a history of successful projects. We want this one to be our most successful yet. Not only for us, but for those who invest in it. We will be retaining 20% of all investments to use for initiatives that grow the value of more than zero. This includes leveraging our industry connections to create thoughtful, artistic collaborations. It also includes more standard practices like online and outdoor advertising.

At the time the project crosses 75% sold out, we will put plans for a major Toronto launch party into action. Holders and their +1's only.

At 100% sold, holders get invites to quarterly morethanzero-only events where Pete Lusztyk, Steven Twigg, and other artists will have exclusive work available for special-price purchase as well as some giveaways. Not to mention a load of fun and creative party activities.